Full list of cross training enduro vids


Before you ride: bike setup and gear

Now that the training vids are out of the way, here are plenty of tips for how to set up your bike and your riding gear to stay safe out there.

A guide to protective gear for dirt riders
Dirt bike setup for enduro and endurocross
Hot weather riding gear tips
Mousse v TUbliss v tubes: which is best?
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Preparing a dirt bike tool kit
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Short rider tips, bike lowering and setup
Air pressure, traction and avoiding punctures
Chain and sprocket maintenance for dirt bikes
Motocross to enduro conversion tips
Buying a new or used dirt bike checklist
Taller rider bike setup tips
How to tow a dirt bike
Physical fitness and training for enduro riders
Knee guards v knee braces for dirt riding
How to choose the best knee braces
Best dirt bike for hard enduro?
Five ways to a lighter motorbike clutch
Best way to break in new engines
Dirt bike weight reduction
How to fix two stroke pipe dents
Tight arse tips for budget dirt riders
How to choose your front knobby profile

So it's a bit welcome to Cross Training Enduro, with over 100 free training vids for riders on bike setup through to basic, intermediate and advanced skills. How good are our vids? We are the 28th most watched dirt channel in Uzbekistan. We've won the polished turd award six years in a row. And we have a world record 27 class action lawsuits for inaccurate coaching information. Wooohoo. Support us here

Why do we call it cross training? We have a focus on hard enduro, and most of the pro extreme enduro riders are former trials champions. We apply trials techniques to enduro techniques, with coaching tips from some of Australasia's best riders: Tim Coleman, Chris Birch, Ruben Chadwick and Trevor Campbell. We even have tips from the hard enduro meister himself, Graham Jarvis.

The real fun starts when you see us middle aged dirt muppets trying to learn hard enduro skills. Speaking of fun, we do try to seriously present the best training tips possible, we think dirt riding should be fun... and a bit stupid at the same time lol.

So we have tips on how to keep a KTM running, how to manage your gimp, how to enlarge your testicles, how to manage diseases, which body protection to use, how to buy Graham Jarvis' condom catheter, what to wear, the best cigarettes, and better riding through beer.

What else? The dirt riding is getting too commercial for our liking. Everyone is trying to sell you shit you don't need, convince you to buy the latest model dirt bike with 1mm extra suspension travel. Offering prizes, bombarding you with ads. Pushing the products they get kickbacks for. Not really our style.

We reckon it's 80% the rider and 20% the bike. So our focus is on learning to ride better instead of obsessing over which tyres to fit or spending millions on your suspension or billet alloy gas cap. Many agree, but it's fine if you don't. 

So Cross Training Enduro actively avoids sponsorship. It also means we can do no bullshit reviews. Manufacturers make some really bad mistakes. and there is a lot of dodgy shit being sold out there. Instead of glowing reviews for kickbacks or free product, we will try to keep the bastards honest. Whether it's EVS pretending their knee guards are knee braces, strap brackets rusting on Airoh, Leatt and Suomy helmets, lack of quality control on Sidi Crossfire boots. And our Cross Training Enduro bike reviews will actively look for known issues and problems, not just the usual positive blurb.

So how do we keep this leaky Cross Training Enduro ship afloat without sponsorship, kickbacks, or ads? 0.03% of my Youtube subscribers have become supporters. So for about a dollar a week they get a tediously long supporters vid every week. And lifetime supporters get over 300 of these extra shitty vids sent out. This just manages to pay the bills, and occasionally when there's some extra left over it buys a house for Cambodian family living in poverty. This very cool charity is run by dirt riders, check it out.

What else? We ride in Australia, Canada, and Romania. Cross Training Enduro has joined forces with Traction eRag, the world's shittiest online dirt magazine. So I hope you enjoy the channel guys. And if you don't we have a complaints department too, just see the end of our intro vid. 

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