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How to support Cross Training Enduro


How to become a supporter

OPTION TO SUPPORT TIM COLEMAN  (16th TO 30th April 2021)

As per our video here, Tim Coleman has spent 39 days in Intensive Care due to severe heat stroke! Proceeds go to support Tim and Ina Coleman. 

NOTE: just add a note like "For Tim Coleman 100%", if not it will just be the normal option below. 

Want to support the channel too? Just nominate how much e.g. "50% to Tim, 50% Cross Training Enduro".

If there is no note I'll assume it's the normal supporter package below.

For full accountability I will email everyone who has contributed by 30th April, along with a receipt for funds going to Tim's bank account.

If you specify it's a gift then Paypal won't take their usual percentage!

Lifetime membership AUD$140 weekly supporter vid plus all 350 previous supporter vids too
One year supporter AUD$70 One year of weekly supporter vids, no previous vids.



Support is much appreciated! Some Youtubers make a lot of money through affiliate marketing and sponsorship. I avoided this so our reviews and comments can be objective, critical, and genuinely support the riding community without bias. 

Supporters receive 360 links to our supporter vids created over the past six years! It's AUD$140 (about US$110) and it's a simple Paypal contribution made here.

If you choose 'personal payment' or deselect 'buyer protection' then Paypal usually won't charge their fee. If possible please use Australian dollars.

The supporter vids are ad-free of course, and usually between 10 to 15 minutes long. Our very early vids were shorter, but also some recent ones can be 25 minutes long. 


How it works

A huge thanks to the small number of Cross Training Enduro viewers who make doing full time vids possible! I want the enduro training vids to stay publicly available for all dirt riding brothers and sisters- it's the 0.3% of viewers who become supporters who make this happen! 

Can't access the Paypal links? These links use Paypal Me... Paypal's simplified system. But it's not used in all countries yet. Any problems? Just go through the normal Paypal link here and send it to  Or send me your email address and I can invoice you. All you need is a credit card.

Please allow two days for me to respond. Check your junkmail too. We recommend you add to your contacts list. The email I send with all the video links can sometimes be marked as spam.

Paypal doesn't work? Another option is Patreon which allows small but regular monthly support over time. Not a great option though! They take a 5% cut, a further 5% for currency conversion THEN charge for each transaction. Paypal will take less of your money. 


What can I expect with the supporters vids?

As mentioned, the supporters vids are usually around 10 to 15 minutes in length but occasionally might be up to half an hour e.g. doing a lap of a hard enduro event. The early supporter vids were less than 10 minutes though. The quality of the very old vids drops of course, as I was just using the early Gopro 2 cameras... the best available at the time but so outdated now lol. All my existing supporters say they enjoy watching the old vids though. 

I want all the training vids to stay publicly available. However, in the supporter vids I do revisit the training topics many times. 


How do you make a living out of this?!

It ain't easy lol. I had a lot of viewers encouraging me to go fulltime on the vids. In 2016 around 100 Youtube subscribers generously supported the vids to let me go full time, but it wasn't enough to survive on. I was using my savings to continue, then viewers suggested it was time to set a few videos aside just for supporters, which would encourage more to join in and share the load.

A tiny proportion of viewers become supporters so currently I'm on about US$10 per hour. I get by due to a very simple lifestyle, but it does get tight sometimes. I have only myself to blame as I've avoided sponsorship. product placement, ads and doing rave reviews in exchange for free product lol. 

Many supporters encouraged me to run ads. Apparently I've missed out on about $80,000 to $130,000 in Youtube ad revenue in the past six years but I hate ads and didn't want to subject others to them either. However, a recent spine fracture, along with dropping support levels, have forced me to start running ads on the vids... sigh.  

And finally something about us...
The rise of extreme enduro has seen a new breed of riders, pushing the boundaries of what is possible on a dirt bike. Around 95% of the top extreme enduro riders are former trials riders. So it's not surprising these guys say the key to learning to ride fast is first slow down and get your fundamental techniques right. The past few years Graham Jarvis has been the king of the extreme enduro world, and we've even started our own religion based on his teachings. We even got to ask his holiness on how to make our bikes do the crazy shit his bike does and learn how to ride a dirt bike properly. It can be inspiring, but also demoralising to see how well these guys ride. We figured if you can't beat them, join them. So past few years, a bunch of us in our 50s thought we would try to learn as much of this shit as possible, before dementia and arthritis slow us down. And along the way we've been pumping out free dodgy enduro training vids for everyone. And being free they come with a money back guarantee if they make you ride worse... and they probably will.

So what is cross training? It's just applying trials skills to dirt riding... slowing things down initially we we can be faster, and more importantly, better dirt riders.

A coaching session with Chris Birch was a great start. Arguably the top extreme enduro rider back in 2010 despite coming from New Zealand, Birchy shared many tips that worked their way into the training vids. Our local trials and endurocross champion Ruben Chadwick also has provided some great tips and video footage along the way. And recently Tim Coleman has wowed everyone with his tricks on a dirt bike and excellent coaching across Australia and overseas too. We will never match these guys, but we have surprised ourselves at the new tricks we old dogs can learn.
Along the way there have been plenty of stacks and offs as we ride well beyond our very limited abilities.

Jarvis once said going fast is the easy bit, it's the slow stuff that takes skill and we've grown to love the challenge of riding tough terrain with skill, instead of just roosting and sliding our way around easy tracks.

So get into cross training. Over 50 completely free training vids on sex.... relationships.... biology... and how to set up your bike, protective gear, maintenance, and riding skills from beginner to advanced. Check them out on our website, Facebook page or Youtube channel. Apparently it will make you irreristable to women... we live in hope.

Interested in trials riding? We have piles of free trials training vids on our trials channel. We even have an adventure riding Youtube channel.

So that's it guys. Don't get demoralised by these freaks of nature... and remember sometimes they need help too. Instead of forking out good money on a hit team to take out these guys, get into these vids and just become a better rider. If a bunch of gumbies in their 50s can do it, you can too.

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