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How to support Cross Training Enduro


What do you get as a supporter?

You get close to 400 links for all our previous supporter vids over the past six years! These tend to be a lot longer than the short public vids. Sign up here

New supporter vids are sent out on a regular basis. This used to be weekly but it's a less regular now due to the time involved in looking after three Youtube channels and other social media. 

Each week you receive an email with links to the current vids released on the enduro and adventure channels, and a link to either a new or older supporters vid. 


How to sign up!

Become a lifetime supporter here. It's AUD$140 which is around US$100. Aussie dollars please! Include your preferred email address.

Can't access the Paypal links? These links use Paypal Me... Paypal's simplified system. But it's not used in all countries yet. Any problems? Just go through the normal Paypal link here and send it to  Or send me your email address and I can invoice you. All you need is a credit card.

Paypal doesn't work? Another option is Patreon which allows small but regular monthly support over time. Not a great option though! They take a 5% cut, a further 5% for currency conversion THEN charge for each transaction.  

Thanks for helping us to fund homes for Cambodian families living in poverty, we have sponsored four homes now through Global Village Housing, a grassroots charity established by motorbike riders.