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About Carpathian Adventures

I had an amazing time with Carpathian Adventures doing a Romania enduro tour. It was created as a non-profit venture by a bunch of Aussies and Poms to help two Romanian families have a better future which is awesome to see! Carpathian Adventures offers private enduro tours / dirt bike tours and rider training in the heart of Romaniacs territory - Sibiu, Romania. They have full race support for Romaniacs, and epic adventure riding through the beautiful Carpathian Mountains. Check out their Facebook page and Youtube channel.

Welcome to Carpathian Adventures: enduro tours, race support & adventure rides!


Romanian enduro tours with Carpathian Adventures

The Romanian dirt bike tours can be fully customised to suit different skill levels and ages for groups up to 10 riders - from easy dirt rides through to advanced training for Romaniacs. It's only a one minute ride from Carpathian Adventures' renovated farmhouse in a picturesque village and you are into the enduro tracks. The farmhouse is good old fashioned Romanian accommodation but with the mod cons to make it comfortable. A hot tub. Cold beer. Barbecue. Hot showers. And fresh mountain air.

Romania has a long riding season from April to October, an excellent climate, and best of all thousands of kilometres of trails, forests, open meadows, and mountains to suit all dirt riding abilities - and just outside your front door on dirt bike tours with Carpathian Adventures.

Every day you just tell the guys at Carpathian Adventures your agenda is and we’ll look to make it happen. Two of the founding partners are highly experienced local Romanian guides who have grown up with enduro riding in the area.

Romania enduro tours with Carpathian Adventures


Romaniacs race support with Carpathian Adventures

Are you game enough to actually enter Romaniacs? Carpathian Adventures offers full service support for entrants. The support crew formed the very first Sibiu based race support and are actually Romaniacs veterans themselves.They are also experienced mechanics and managers who will keep your bike, and you, in the best possible shape for Romaniacs. You can hire a bike if needed. Their fleet of late model KTM 300EXCs is available but be quick as these are booked fast. Some riders just bring their own bikes which is fine.

Carpathian Adventures provide a comprehensive mobile workshop facility, parc ferme each night, and transport of riders and bikes to the starting point for each day at Romaniacs. Carpathian Adventures take care of all the details with Romaniacs race support so you can focus on making it through the Prologue and to the finish line. Carpathian Adventures Romaniacs race support manages all of the logistics, service and race preparation to your requirements.

Red Bull Romaniacs, arguably the world's toughest hard enduro. Most riders say this is the hardest thing they have ever attempted in their lives, but also the most rewarding. The guys at Carpathian Adventures recommend you consider an enduro tour with them first - it's a relatively cheap way to train, learn the terrain, and choose the right class to increase your chances of finishing Romaniacs. The Carpathian Adventures guides are Romaniacs veterans and are keen to prepare you for the challenge of your life.As they say in Romania, when the going gets tough, the tough get going!  

Romaniacs race support with Carpathian Adventures

Check out these vids from some riders we have supported.
Aussies at Romaniacs: Brent Brady
Kiwis at Romaniacs: Mitch Gallagher
How to ride bronze class at Romaniacs
How to ride silver class at Romaniacs


Adventure riding with Carpathian Adventures

Into adventure riding? You should check out Romania. Adventure riders are discovering the endless beauty of the Carpathian mountains, rustic villages, endless twisty roads and Romanian culture. With Carpathian Adventures you can explore Romania in style with their experienced local guides. Tell them what you want the guys at Carpathian Adventures will make it happen.

Most Romanian adventure tours start in busy Bucharest, but our adventure ride starts right from the doorstep of a renovated farmhouse based in a traditional village. Romania has a long riding season from at least April to October. Every tour is customised to suit. You can loop back to the Carpathian Adventures villa every day for a hot tub, cold beer and great food. Or you can stay in different spots every night to explore all the different parts of Romania. You can also schedule in days off the bike to explore nearby Sibiu, or simply chill out at the villa and take in the views. The experienced local guides at Carpathian Adventures are keen to take you on the ride of a lifetime.

Adventure riding tours in Romania with Carpathian Adventures

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